Frequently Asked Questions

What are your work hours?

I work Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm Pacific Standard Time. You can expect an email response within 2 business days during these times.

Do you do a free consultation?

Yes! Please use my Calendly link or send an email to [email protected] to set this up.

What if I just need a little help with my website?

If you need helping making adjustments to your WordPress site (changing colors, fonts, etc.), someone to upload content you have, or need a maintenance plan (monthly checking for broken links, bugs, updating plug-ins, etc.) I can totally help you out. Send me an email detailing your needs and I’ll get back to you in a day or two.

Can I book you hourly?

Not exactly. Contact me and we’ll work out a price based on how much time I estimate it will take. I prefer working at a flat rate so there are no surprises for either of us.

I need some packaging design and/or custom illustrations done, can you help me?

I don’t do packaging design or illustrations, but I can help you find someone who can.

Will you write my blog posts, newsletters, or email for me?

I specialize in copywriting for web pages, so these are not currently services I provide. I can provide some referrals, though!

Have a question not listed here?

Send email to [email protected], or go to my contact page