About Me

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My Approach

I love collaborating with other freelancers, individuals, and small service-based businesses to define their brand, as well as design and develop responsive websites that drive results. I’m thoughtful and detail-oriented in my designs, so ensuring a consistent look on all brand and marketing materials is my goal. I’ve always loved art and words, and I think that most people can appreciate something that’s well-designed and well-written. I strive to create this for every one of my clients. Going to a website should not be merely informative, but should also make visitors feel welcome and give them a sense of the person or business they’ll be working with. A website is like a 24/7 salesperson who answers questions and connects with clients who’d love to do business with you. I believe copywriting and branding used strategically on a professional looking website are important tools to convey a business’s personality.

My Story

After a decade working as a Special Education paraeducator, I graduated with an English degree with an emphasis in creative writing. I started a family right after graduation and eventually went back to work in social media management. I moved into web design after taking a class and then volunteering as a web designer for a literature journal. I loved it so much that I continued my education in Graphic and Interactive Design at Foothill College. Creating websites that help others reach their personal and business goals merges my love of words, code, design, and helping others.

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