Visual Identity for KC Copy

KC Copy logo on the bottom right of a sheet of paper

Visual Identity for Katie Crouch of KC Copy

Katie was looking to create a logo and a visual identity for her business and a new website. We started by talking about her copywriting business and how she envisioned her brand. It quickly became clear that she was friendly and fun. She  intended for her brand to reflect that aspect of her personality as well as her creativity when it comes to writing. Colorful, warm, and slightly retro were some of the key words used in guiding her brand creation. 

The Heart of the Project - The Logo

Semi-custom typography was created for the logo. Since we’d decided on all lowercase letters, making the first letter, K, stand out from the rest of the logo gave it a little more presence and flair. I lengthened the ascender and added the serif from the C in reverse to the top of the ascender. Altering the O to contain a heart representing the big heart of Katie and her copy style was a no-brainer.

I also create mockups of how a logo will look in real life applications so clients can visualize how their logo will look and work for them in a variety of possible applications.

KC Copy logo on a pink and red notebook
rubber stamp mockup of circular secondary logo for KC Copy that reads big-hearted copy for small businesses

Social Headers

Katie needed an email header and a FaceBook cover image. I used the same design, but resized for each application. Because FaceBook will display the image differently in mobile view, it’s important to leave enough clear space on the sides so no text is cut off.

KC Copy email header on a light background with colorful circles
KC Copy facebook header on a light background with colorful circles

Style Tile & Brand Guidelines

A style tile and brand guidelines show how the completed identity should be used to maintain consistency in brand designs such as a website or marketing materials.

Style tile for KC Copy, a collage of images, bright colors, and fonts
mockup of logo guidelines in branding guide
mockup of typography guidelines on a tablet

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