Sheryl B Marymount Website

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Sheryl B is a jazz singer who was looking to redesign her website in WordPress. She wanted a darker atmosphere that represented her performance style. She’s sassy, fun, and wanted her site to look retro, but still modern.

The Creative Brief

What is the purpose of the design?
The website will promote Sheryl B’s music and performances. A way to listen to the album, as well as buy it should be prominent. There should also be a one sheet, Electronic Press Kit, and images. The design should reflect Sheryl B’s jazzy vibe, but be minimal and have a classic aesthetic.

Who is the audience?
The audience is jazz lovers and should appeal to customers who like to listen to jazz and go to live shows in the SF Bay Area.

What is the primary message?
Sheryl B. Is a jazz singer/songwriter who has an album out and does live performances in the SF Bay Area. The site should be a little retro, have a dark atmosphere, but with a modern and clean look. The diva icon should be used in the hero image and the following colors; Red, Black, Grays, and some Blue.

Where, how, and when will the design be seen?
This design is for the website, but should fit in with other posters and designs currently used by Sheryl B.

The Designs homepage

I created an Electronic Press Kit page and a One Sheet to easily share details about her for gigs. You can see the full site here.

electronic press kit image

Sheryl B already had a “diva icon” that she had designed for her, but it was previously just used alone on her website. She wanted to showcase it in a fun way and had mentioned that she loved stars, so I created some retro stars in her red and gray scale color scheme to use in a header design.

diva icon with stars header image 1
Screen Shot 2019 06 05 at 12.59.30 PM

The two images rotate each time the page is loaded. The flowing shape is reminiscent of flowing music, feminine curves, and a horn, as Sheryl B’s music is heavy on the horns.

The live site can be viewed at

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